a white coloured cat
with his tail raised in the air
starts the windless noon


I believe the Western haiku is made up of three lines where the first line is of 5 syllables, the second line is of 7 syllables and the third line is of 5 syllables. The theme of the haiku should be that of the nature and the poem should express a perception, preferably wisdom. I believe the third line should be a frame to the image.

They say haiku is originally a Japanese form. Originally, they say, in Japanese, there are no syllables to count. They count moraes (also called on), being phonetic stress. Some claim an English syllable may consist of one or two moraes depending upon the length of the syllable. They claim to be true to the original form making haikus when they count moraes. But that is foolishness. In Latin languages we count syllables and the morae has no place. And in poetry all syllables are of equal length.

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