Make me so

Plain verse - trochaic

It will not encourage trusting
if it starts up interesting.
Occupation with the showing
does not much invite the knowing.

So, my Lord, do make me modest,
not the finest or the oddest.
Make me so that people ponder
on the very common wonder!

The lines of what I call the plain verse may have different number of foots and there might be different number of lines in the verse, but the lines are uniform with each other and so are the verses. This poem of mine is four footed, so it is called a tetrameter, and the verses are of four lines, so the verses are called quatrains. In poetry, the plain verse is maybe the most common form. The plain verse is nice to learn in the beginning when learning to write poetry, since writing plain verses is not that difficult.

This poem is trochaic, which means the foot is made up of a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed.

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