The love of mine

Norwegian duo

I have in my possession this
guitar which quite tremendous is.
It stands here in my living room
fit to be taken by the broom.

It stands attentive every day
to make believe guitar I play.
If only girls would be so sweet!
Respect was what they then would meet.

The Norwegian duo is a very interesting form. I have come up with it all by myself since it is a shame there is no form of poetry that is Norwegian. I mean, the limerick is Irish.

The Norwegian duo is a poem made up of two stanzas which are iambic tetrametric quatrains. The end feet should of course be perfect iambic. The rhyme scheme should be | aabb ccdd |. The dualisms are made up by the pairing syllables, by the pairing lines and by the pairing verses, so that “clear” follows “loud” as in “loud and clear”.

It is of utmost importance that the basis is laid before the superstructure shows up! If not, the poem would be English, and not Norwegian. Don't you agree?

The question is if the nature forms the culture, or if the culture forms the nature ...

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