The autumn comes


The autumn comes, that is for sure.
Forever it will not endure,
the summer, the activity.
And there is no affinity
between the dirty and the pure.

The grass, the flowers, must endure.
The corn, not like them, is demure
and sees itself with acuity.
The autumn comes.

Perception can be quite obscure.
The corn, fall seeing, is secure.
The corn is Christ. Morality
is life and life annuity,
the grass, the flowers, immature.
The autumn comes.

I believe the rondeau should be written in iambic tetrameter. They say there are three verses in the poem, with 5, 4, and 6 lines respectively. The rhyme scheme should be
| aabba aabR aabbaR |.
"R" is a refrain line of two stanzas only. The refrain line should constitute the poem by initiating the first line.