Once more

Terza rima

Once more I have this feeling I, just I,
am let to be a loner in this life.
I get no satisfaction, that is why.

The common has at least a lovely wife.
But no such thing is given me, the one
who always feel the warming up of strife.

No being will to my idea be won,
Christ Jesus the idea God gave to me.
They all seem to prefer the dead and done.

A loner is the one who shall not be.
That is the truth, apparently.

They say a terza rima consists of a number of tercets. How long the poem should be is not regulated. In English, I understand, the poem is usually written in iambic pentameter. The rhyme scheme is
| aba | | bcb | | cdc |
and so one, and the poem ends with a single line, like
| cdc | | d |,
or with a distich, like
| cdc | | dd |.

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