I wonder


I wonder how I missed to be.
The chance came unexpectedly
but I should always be prepared.
Please tell me, darling, what I feared.

The chance to be was given me.
I wonder how I missed to be.
They gave occasion to the act,
expecting to see me, in fact.

They all expected to see love.
Directed was the being of.
I wonder how I missed to be.
Please tell me, darling, truthfully.

They put up a tremendous show.
And I should play the role, I know.
I should be satisfactory.
I wonder how I missed to be.

They say a quatern is a sixteen line poem composed of four quatrains. What is special about it, is a refrain line which is to be found in different places in each quatrain. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, the third line of stanza three, and the fourth line of stanza four. They say the quatern is octosyllabic, bit I believe the lines in English should be iambic tetrametric.

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