Be one


Some think they will each other beat,
the sensitive and potent heart,
the sensible and puissant mind.

Some think of them, of heart and mind,
as dialectical, a beat
where it is opposite, the heart.

To me it is to mind, the heart.
It vital is to heart, the mind,
and it, the mind, forms every beat.

Together beat my heart and mind.

They say a tritina has ten lines. There are three stanzas of three lines, and then a following single line. The three words which end the first stanza is to be found in a specific order in the other stanzas. In the last, single line, all the three words are present. The lines do not rhyme. The end words should fit this order:

1 2 3
3 1 2
2 3 1

In the last, single line, the three words should be found in the order 1-2-3.

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