Today my heart stopped

Italian sonnet

Today my heart stopped beating for a while,
it to a still, a parenthesis, brought
by contingency in which I was caught,
denying me the given chance to smile.

I froze. But was not damaged by a guile.
I froze. But cold the air for sure was not.
I froze. But shelter was not it. I got.
I froze. But did not want to find exile.

My heart stopped beating and I froze when you
bent over to my side, your thing to do,
and I received the kiss of my life.

A sudden kiss placed on my lips. And I,
made absent in that moment, could just die –
die in the feeling being man and wife.

The Italian sonnet is a popular form of poem. They say the Italian sonnet is written in iambic pentameters, which means there are five stressed syllables in each line, and it consists of two quatrains and two tercets. In the beginning of the two tercets there is most often a change of focus or of meaning, or a summing up, called a pivot. The rhyme scheme is most often
| abba abba cdc dcd |.

I believe one may discuss how serious the demand is to the rhyme scheme of the Italian sonnet. In this my sonnet the rhyme scheme is
| abba abba cce dde |.

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