I confess

English sonnet

There is in this world nothing to be of
compared to be of you. Superb is it.
Whenever I am occupied, my love,
I am possessed. I joyfully admit.
Whenever I am occupied, I do
see to it my belongingness pertain,
whenever I am occupied, to you,
my love, my Lord, whose affluence is gain.
But as the corn the feel is not. And not
the herb alike. That would have been a waste.
Too proud are we. And I am in that caught;
that love to constitute, as feed and taste.
And in itself the fruit has seed. A vine
you are. And you, my love, are being mine.

They say, as the italian sonnet, the English sonnet is made up by iambic pentameters. And also the English sonnet is made up by fourteen lines. But it is made up of three quatrains and a distich, the poem is most often written without verses, and the rhyme scheme is different than it is in the italian sonnet. The rhyme scheme is
| abab cdcd efef gg |.

The English sonnet is also called Shakespearean sonnet, after the English poet. It is also called Elizabethan sonnet, after the queen.

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